Partnerships are at the heart of our social mission

Here at the WEA we work with a range of different partners who share our commitment to adult education.

Our current partners

The WEA works with over 450 partners and these partnerships play a vital role in our delivery, enabling us to reach 50,000 students across England and Scotland each year.

The WEA has over 100 funded education contracts outside of our ESFA and devolved adult education budget funded contracts. These range from large scale projects working with adults facing multiple disadvantage to small projects working with local delivery partners in communities to deliver ESOL, volunteering, digital, mental health courses and more. 

These include:

  • Community organisations who we work with to deliver government funded courses across England 
  • Subcontractors in both Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester combined authorities
  • Local authorities and colleges, who have contacted us to deliver adult and community learning
  • Partners in ESF funded projects across England and Scotland 
  • Employers and trade unions
  • Programme partners
  • Strategic partners who we work with to promote adult education

What our partners say about us:

  • 88% of partner organisations are satisfied with the overall relationship with the organisation and the WEA.
  • 92% of partner organisations plan to continue their relationship with the WEA for the foreseeable future. 
  • 80% of partners agree that there has been a positive impact in the community as a result of the partnership with the WEA.
  • 90% felt the organisation feels comfortable contacting the WEA with questions or concerns.
  • 86% of partner organisations understands the goals and purposes of the partnership

“Without our partnership with WEA, we would not be able to offer such a great range of opportunities and courses to meet the needs of our clients.”

“Support from WEA has allowed us to target people within our community and enable them to access informal learning opportunities to aid personal development.” 

“Very flexible to work with, supportive - provide excellent mentoring service.”

How we can work with you

As a voluntary sector organisation and a charity, we are really keen to work with partners in a range of different ways.

Delivery partners

As a voluntary sector organisation and a charity, we are really keen to work with partners across the country to develop opportunities and progression routes for all adults facing disadvantage in your communities. 

We teach the skills people need in ways that other providers can't, whether that is employability skills, digital skills, ESOL, or health and wellbeing through to arts and crafts. Together we can reach people in the heart of your community and make a difference to those who need it most. 

To contact us about working together please email

The WEA has enabled us to deeply enrich the provision for our clients. It has provided opportunities for young people to play an active role in shaping the learning that they are interested in pursuing, whilst teaching beneficial life skills, such as cooking, project management, confidence and self-esteem.