The subject(s) I teach are not currently listed on the WEA course search- can I apply with ‘new’ subjects?

Yes, there is space in the application form to include course titles and course outlines. The subjects listed under the course search are what we are currently offering, not a limit on what we do offer.


What experience and/ or qualifications do I need to teach for the WEA?

Find out here what experience and/ or qualifications we ask for and also what makes a ‘great’ WEA tutor. 


Can I teach multiple courses?

Yes, if suitable work is available. Many of our tutors work several contracts a year and some do several at once, enabling them to have a portfolio of contracts.


Do I have to teach a course (s)? Can I teach day schools?

Many of our tutors teach both courses and days schools and some tutors only teach day schools.


Can some of the learning take place outside of the classroom/ venue?

Absolutely, this takes place both formally and informally. Many courses include field trips as part of the session(s).  Some tutors and students organise events outside of the planned sessions, for example to exhibit students’ work. A critical action learning approach encourages students to use skills developed in the classroom to undertake a small community based project.  This helps to embed learning, develop skills in a ‘real world’ setting and provides some benefit to the local community. 


Can I teach in more than one region? If so, do I need to apply to each region?

Yes, some of our tutors teach across regions. You do not need to apply to each region. When you apply to one region, state in your application that you would like to teach in another region(s)- the region you apply to will alert the other region(s) to your application.


Is my travel paid for?

Yes, travel to and from your course is paid for.


If my application is successful what induction and support does the WEA provide?

Find out here what training and support we provide for our tutors


What contact might I have with other WEA tutors?

Although the WEA is a large, dispersed organisation there are opportunities for both formal and informal working with other tutors. For example, though virtual meetings and/ or face to face meetings, tutors meet and work together at induction, developing communities of practice, training, moderation meetings and at regional events.

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