To find and enrol in a WEA course, please see our guide below.

How to find the right course and its related information.

  • Find the course you’re interested in by doing an online search
  • Select the course you want to enrol to and click on the course title or “view details” to get more information. You will see a page with all the information you need about your course e.g. dates, venue, fee information etc.
  • Click on “enrol online” when you’re satisfied with the information or if you would like to get in touch with our support centre team click on “request more information”
  • Once you have clicked on “enrol online”, an enrolment conditions window will expand. You will need to confirm that you meet the requirements listed before proceeding. Please tick the box at the bottom to confirm that you meet the requirements and then “proceed”. You will be taken to a page where you will create your user account or could access an existing one if you’re a returning student.

How to create an online account to enrol.

If it is your first time booking into a WEA course you need to create an online account.  You will only need to do it once. See how.

  • In the “Haven’t enrolled online before?” click on “create an account”
  • Complete the registration details by following the onscreen instructions. Fields with a * are mandatory
  • Please select your password and make sure you choose a word that is easy to remember 

Once you have done that you will continue with the booking process. Your browser will remember the course you were looking at so you can continue with the process. 

Finalising your online enrolment.

  • Please fill in your full details e.g. full name, postcode, employment info and fee details, as appropriate
  • When you’re happy with the information provided and want to enrol, please agree to it by clicking on the boxes provided and proceed to “checkout”
  • If you want to enrol into more than one course, you can click on “book another”. You will be taken to the initial search page, and don’t worry about the existing booking as your details will be saved as part of the account creation process
  • When in the “checkout” page you will see a list displaying the course (s) you have selected to enrol, click on check out to go ahead with the payment
  • You will be taken to RBS Worldpay, a payment gateway where you will make your secure payment.  
  • Once your payment is successful , you will be re-directed to the WEA enrolment confirmation page
  • You will receive an email from the WEA confirming your enrolment and one from Worldpay confirming your payment
  • If you click “checkout” and no fee is due, you will only receive confirmation emails from the WEA
  • After successful payment/confirmation your basket will be empty again

How registered students can access their online account

Once you have created your account, you can view and edit your details, book new courses or register your interest in fully booked courses by adding yourself to a “waiting list” on a particular course page, every time you login. 

If you have any further questions or wish to talk to our friendly support centre team, please call 0300 303 3464.

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