Some students may be eligible for free tuition fees for courses level 2 and below.

This is based on the student’s individual salary.

Salary threshold will be dependent on where you live and whether you live in a Mayoral Combined Authority. All students will need to complete a form and show evidence of their salary. 

Below are some examples of the type of evidence we require – dated within 3 months of your course start date:

  • Pay slip 
  • Current contract - detailing your salary
  • Self-Employment tax return 
  • Other evidence on discussion

Please find the Regional Low wage eligibilities:

Greater Manchester:   £19,305.00
Liverpool:   £18,525.00
London:   £21,157.50
North of Tyne:   £18,135.00
West Midlands:   £19,305.00
West of England:   £18,525.00
West Yorkshire:   £19,305.00

ESFA funded regions:   £18,525.00

We recommend you speak to your WEA organiser or contact the WEA Support services Team by email at or telephone: 0300 303 3464 for more information.