The NE History and Heritage Branch may be meeting only in the virtual sense at present, but that hasn't stopped them from pursuing a great deal of personal research.

As a way of ensuring this research has an audience while we're all still socially distancing, the Branch has made a start on a series of short Research Enthusiasms Youtube videos.  

Two of these are already online:

Rosie Serdiville talks about the aftermath of the Battle of Dunbar

Tom Davie gives a brief introduction to the life of Sunderland's Harry Watts

Soon, the Branch will attempt a group video project, looking into the nature of celebrity, past and present.  Lots of personal stories, and consideration of the impact of fame through the centuries.

The Branch are also very heavily involved in contributions to the History and Heritage newsletter which is being sent out to WEA members and students unable to access our online provision.

Want to learn more? You can contact the branch via