Local governance

Local Governance through the Regional and Scottish Committees

The WEA could not run without the enthusiasm and voluntary efforts of its members.

1. Branch committee members

Branch volunteers, through their committees, plan local educational programmes, arrange venues, help with publicity, take enrolments and collect fees, support tutors and students, liaise with the administration team and generally make sure everything runs smoothly. The branch is made up of its current (academic year) students, its registered Association members and representatives of locally affiliated organisations.

We encourage students and part-time tutors to participate in the running of the organisation and one of the main ways they can do this is through the democratic structure of the WEA Branch. 

2. Local associations in Scotland

Like WEA branches in England these are delegated committees of the Trustees with a specific remit to:

  • Plan and coordinate educational activities
  • Stimulate the interest of adults in education
  • Contribute to the public understanding of adult education

3. Area forums/County federations

These offer a similar opportunity in England to the Local Associations in Scotland. Representatives from branches, educational programmes organised by WEA staff and ordinary members come together to share experience, practise and inform the development of the WEA.

4. Regional Committees

The Regional Committees in England and the Scottish Committee are elected annually at the Regional Annual General Meeting. Eligibility to vote in these elections is defined by the local Statement of Representation, which can be obtained from the Regional Chair/Scottish Convenor. 

The Chair/Convenor provides the local leadership of the WEA as a movement to promote adult and general education for the benefit of the community. This includes

  • promoting the educational aims and objectives of the WEA
  • campaigning for WEA policy ideas
  • organising the active involvement of WEA members in the life of the Association

Working with staff and members of the Regional Committee to provide the local scrutiny of regional work, providing advice, suggestions and support.

The Regional Chairs and the Scottish Convener meet regularly through the forum of WEA Council.

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