Association wide governance

1. Board of Trustees

As an incorporated charity, the WEA has a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall strategic management of the Association and they have ultimate responsibility for the well-being of the charity. The role of Trustee carries with it a significant amount of responsibility and requires from the role holder dedication and a commitment of throughout the year. It is important that a charity has the right balance of skilled and experienced trustees and trustees must at all times act in the interests of the Charity.

The four officers (President, two Deputy Presidents and Treasurer) are directly elected by the membership. Four Trustees are elected from the WEA Council and four are appointed through competitive interview. 

2. Trustee Committees

The Board of Trustees organises much of its work through the sub-committees which are made up of Trustees, representatives of WEA Council and co-opted members with specialist expertise. Members with relevant experience in for example, education, finance, human resources, business planning, membership, marketing or charity governance are encouraged to put themselves forward for selection as vacancies arise on a regular basis. Email for more information.

3. WEA Council

WEA Council links voluntary member governance across the Association. Its purpose is to enact the democracy of the WEA, particularly between Conferences. It considers issues raised from Regions/Scotland by members, volunteers and students across the WEA, ensuring the views of all (including minority voices) are heard. It meets face to face 2-3 times per year and has regular short meetings via videoconference. It also uses short term working groups such as Conference Planning Group to progress some activity.

The Council is able to make recommendations to the Trustees on policy and strategy for consideration. Reports from WEA Council are used to inform volunteer and member newsletters.

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