If you are currently working and earning less earns less than £16,009.50 annual gross salary then you will be able to apply for 100% fee remission towards the cost of your tuition fees for our WEA Pathway and EME (English, Maths and ESOL) courses

For learners to receive full funding they must:

  • Accredited course e.g. Pathways OR Accredited/ non accredited EME (English, Maths or ESOL) course
  • Be in employment up to 37.5 hours (full/part time) and;
  • Earn less than £16,009.50 annual gross salary (before tax)

To confirm eligibility, the student must provide originally copies one of the following supporting evidence:

  • Three months wage slip within the learner’s learning start date
  • A current employment contract, which states gross monthly/annual wages
  • If the student is Self-Employed, an Annual Tax Return

Students are advised to check their eligibility for AEB funding please speak to your WEA course organiser or Tutor

Students must complete the below form which will be assessed.

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