Life changing impact

WEA tutors are as varied as the students who come to our courses, they:

  • Are a very diverse group in terms of gender, age, ethnicity and there are good representations of people with disabilities
  • Bring a very wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to the role from all sorts of backgrounds and lives
  • Run their courses in community venues, often remote from WEA offices and staff
  • Recognise that WEA courses are often precious resources for the communities where they work
  • Are independent and organised, dealing with the many issues that arise from running courses in local communities by themselves with imagination and good humour  

Our amazing tutors  have many qualities, including some or all of the following:

  • An infectious enthusiasm for the subjects they teach.
  • An empathy with the, often challenging, life circumstances that our students are facing, arising sometimes from their own experience
  • A good listener who wants students to find their own voices
  • A collaborator who knows that the students’ life experiences are a fantastic resource for the course and finds innovative ways of using them
  • A motivator who encourages students, developing their confidence to enable them to achieve beyond their expectations
  • A supporter who goes the extra mile when students need it

Our professional tutors take the time to build trust and empathy with each student they teach, so we understand how learning can improve their lives, not just what their learning needs are inside the classroom.

What our tutors say about working with the WEA…..

“The WEA stands for the many values I hold too -and it has enabled me to learn how to teach that generates equality and social justice through exploring all the issues as well as the knowledge of my subject topics. It's a way of teaching that is the best and still gives me enjoyment and for my own learning too.” WEA Tutor East Midlands, Psychology and Health and Well-being

“As a past WEA student I wanted to open up opportunities for others as the WEA did for me. Making a difference to people at a local level and having the freedom to tailor courses to individual / partner organisation needs.” WEA Tutor Yorkshire and Humber region, Schools, Parenting and Child Development

“I love my subjects and having the opportunity to interact with a great cross section of people when I teach them. I think often I learn as much from my learners as they do from me. It is a great exchange. I also value what I have learned via colleagues over the years. Most of all, I value WEA as a way for people to interact with each other.” WEA Tutor Eastern region, Film and Media

“The variety of courses on offer and the community setting it takes place in. I also really enjoy teaching keen interested adults. I like being part of an institution that in my mind allows people to enrich their lives through learning.” WEA Tutor North West region, Using Computers, Mobile Devices, Software & Social Media


What our students say about WEA tutors….

“This course has affected my life in a number of positive ways, having an enormous effect on my overall wellbeing - not only improving my chances of future employment but improving the way I interact with those in my personal life too. In particular, I would like to say that my tutor has made the most difference. I couldn’t have done it without her support and encouragement.  She is a truly inspirational role model, and has made my learning journey a wonderful and enjoyable experience.” WEA Student from Halifax, Schools, Parenting and Child Development Course

“An excellent tutor who adapted her teaching style to accommodate the prior experience, knowledge and learning preferences of the whole class”. WEA Student from London, History Course

Attending the course gave me the skills to deal with my anxiety.  The success of the course for me was largely due to the course tutor who was welcoming, kind and encouraging.  Attending the course has changed my life completely.” WEA Student from Whitby, Healthy Living Course

“We give and receive critical feedback on our work and our tutor skilfully guides us in giving responses that are respectful and helpful in teaching us how to improve.  The class is a real pleasure to attend.  We respect each other and learn from each other.”  WEA Student from Kent, Creative Writing Course

“It has been absolutely brilliant in motivating me to get on and WRITE! I have loved being part of a creative group of people who are welcoming, non-judgemental and very inspiring. The tutor has been excellent, very knowledgeable, methodical, and she has given me the confidence to write and to be able to read my work in public.” WEA Student from Leeds, Creative Writing Course

“The knowledge gained has been immense. Our tutor is outstanding; his enthusiasm is infectious and spurs you on to greater research and achievements.” WEA Student from Chesterfield, History Course

‘”Cooking course was the best course I have ever been on. The tutor was excellent, the atmosphere was great and regardless of our cooking abilities we all got on as a team and learned from each other. The tutor was extremely competent and always showed us what to do in a clear, simplistic way. She also had a unique ability to make everyone feel at ease and able to learn at their own pace without them feeling that they were slowing other people down. In a kitchen that's quite an achievement.” WEA Student from Plymouth, Cooking (Practical), Course


Celebrating WEA tutors

Each year WEA holds a conference and some of the many contributions that tutors make to their students and the WEA in general are recognised by the WEA with tutor awards they celebrate the life changing impact that our tutors have on their students. You can download our 2019 awards brochure and learn about the latest winners here.

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