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WEA Parenting

The Grow Together – Learn Together campaign celebrated the positive impact of adult learning on families.


Our courses help you build on your strengths you already have and gives parents much-needed ‘you time’ to think about the things you enjoy and the opportunities available to you.


Whether you want to build on the skills you have, gain new skills, boost your confidence, learn to help your child with their homework or simply meet new people, adult learning can make a huge impact on your life.


WEA courses are in the heart of communities, helping you learn whatever you want – from maths, English and skills for employment, through to health and wellbeing courses, to help with budgeting.

Meet some inspirational parents who have achieved so much as a result of their determination and WEA courses

Parents highlight the benefits of adult learning

I am more confident with being a parent. I am a happier parent. It's also great that my children see me still learning. So they know that education doesn't ever end.


I wish I could have done this 10 years ago as I’ve really struggled since becoming a widow. My children want to thank my tutor because they have seen me change so much since I started the courses


From that first course, my knowledge grew. I understood the teaching techniques and was able to help my son with his reading much more effectively.


If you’re thinking about doing a WEA course I can say I think it’s really great for having some time for yourself and for helping your career. 


I can now help my children with their studies. In addition, it has made me a more confident person who can handle my children’s school matters independently.


All parents understand each other and we bond over our experiences and grow together as a group.