Just imagine what you can achieve.

We offer upwards of 7,000 hours of courses for adults every year. Adults do courses for many reasons.

  • To help get a job or get a better one
  • To get out and about and meet new people 
  • To keep the mind active
  • To learn new skills and subjects
  • To learn skills to make life in the UK easier and in some cases possible

We work in rural and urban areas covering a wide variety of subjects. In Nottingham, for example, we have several thousand hours of craft-based courses including sugarcraft, dressmaking, silversmithing, mosaic making and knitting to name but a few. In Bassetlaw we are currently piloting courses designed to support people in getting to grips with online job hunting and meeting the digital requirements set out by Universal Credit. In Radcliffe-on-Trent students are studying Latin and the History of Ireland. Multiply this diversity across the 14 branches, student groups and community programme and you can see that we have plenty on offer. Please use the course search on this website to see what is happening near where you live.

See what courses are available and enrol today. To book online, simply click on the course links provided in our brochures, call our support centre on 0300 303 3464 or search online. 

Course venues

Dotted around the county are course venues that we work with a lot. We deliver courses at Sherwood Textiles Workshop, Nottingham Mechanics, Warsop Town Hall, Newark Northern Bowls Club, Grove Street Methodist Church Hall Retford, Bassetlaw Action Centre, St Anns Allotments Nottingham and The Grange Radcliffe-on-Trent to name but a few. There is always something happening near where you live.

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