Instalments policy

An option to pay WEA course fees by instalments may be available on WEA courses which are 40 hours or more long.

Instalment payments are usually spread equally over 2 to 3 consecutive months depending on the length of the course and can be paid by either debit/credit card or by cheque. The WEA does not apply an additional administration charge for instalments.

Where an instalment option is available and a request to pay by instalments is made and accepted, a written instalment plan setting out the instalment terms and conditions and payment amounts and dates will be issued.

The full course fee and instalments against it remain payable in the event that you withdraw from the course once enrolled unless the Course Refunds Policy applies.

Where an instalment request is declined or withdrawn, the course fee is payable in full within 5 days of the notification of the decision.

Further financial support may be available. Please contact your local WEA Regional Office for details, including eligibility advice for Discretionary Learner Support Fund.