Facing Change Together

A national WEA campaign offering a range of courses aimed at adults of working age who are at risk of redundancy or who are looking to explore alternative employment options.  See here for full details

Digital Lifeline

A national WEA campaign offers real hope for vulnerable groups in society who are marginalised due to a lack of access or skills. We can help them take the first steps towards online learning and enjoy the benefits it brings, such as social interaction and access to a vast range of essential services.  The project provides devices, connectivity and courses.  See campaign here

Keep Learning

A regional project delivering courses in digital skills, literacy, and arts and crafts courses at our teaching and learning centre near the Leicester City Centre.

Stay Connected

A regional project which provides digital skills learning to those students who have not been able to engage in online learning during the period of lockdown in Northamptonshire.

West Midlands Connect

A regional project which provides additional support from students currently excluded for learning to get started online and to develop the digital skills to learn effectively online.

Hope Digital

A regional project which provides digital skills and engagement activities for a group of leaners in Northampton.

Kilmarnock Employability hub

A Scottish project which aims to provide a holistic service supporting unemployed people in Kilmarnock to build job seeking skills and apply for work

Lothian ESOL

A Scottish project which delivers of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) for work and employability opportunities.

Mentoring Programme

Lloyds Banking Group volunteers have been sharing knowledge, experience and wisdom with members of WEA allowing them to enrich their professional skills.

We Are Digital

In April 2020 Lloyds Banking Group launched a campaign to provide digital skills over the phone to those facing difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic. The helpline supported over 50 WEA learners to develop new digital skills enabling them to continue their learning remotely, due to the suspension of face to face courses.

Looking to work with us?  Please contact our Partnership Team on partnerships@wea.org.uk