The WEA is a charity, with a single body of Trustees which is responsible for all aspects of governance. The WEA's twelve trustees are collectively and individually responsible for the management of the WEA's assets and resources at all levels.

The WEA's Trustee body is made up of:

  • Four National Officers
  • Three representatives from the WEA's Regions in England.
  • One representative from WEA Scotland.
  • Four externally co-opted Trustees (including the Chair)

Download a copy of the WEA board committee structure here. (You can also click here to view the WEA Scotland board structure.)

Download a copy of the chairing arrangements for each committee here.

Committee terms of reference are below:

WEA Trustees

Download the Governing Document of the WEA.

WEA Council

The WEA Council is the key forum linking communication and governance within and across the Association. Its purpose is to practically demonstrate the democracy of the WEA particularly between Conferences.

The Council is made up of two representatives from each English Region (3 from Scotland), including the Regional Chair/Scottish Convenor. The Trustees are represented on the Council by the President and one other Association Officer. The President takes the Chair. There are 5 additional places available to represent work outside the branch programme or particular groups of members and two staff representatives can attend.

The main activity of the Council meeting is considering issues raised by members, volunteers, staff and students across the WEA including regional committees and affiliated organisations but ensuring the views of all (including minority voices) are heard.

The Council is able to make recommendations to the Trustees on policy and strategy.

To contact WEA Council with any issues you wish to raise, please email