WEA Membership

The WEA and you – a true partnership

We are experiencing a high volume of new members joining the WEA with membership applications currently taking around 1 week to process.  

Thank you in advance for your patience.

We believe all adults should have access to the opportunities of education, right on their doorstep. With 2,000+ dedicated tutors, around 1,900+ active volunteers and over 5,000 supportive members, we spread our impact nationwide - with every new voice making us louder!

The context in which we are working is undoubtedly challenging:

  • 9 million adults lack functional literacy, numeracy or both
  • 11.5 million adults lack basic digital skills

Together, we believe in access to adult learning for all. We believe in lifelong learning for all. And, we believe adult learning counts towards a better, fairer society for all. See why our work matters.

Why become a member?

Since we were founded in 1903, the WEA has always campaigned to raise awareness of how adult education can transform individuals and society. Our members support this mission and help make us heard where it matters most. In return, they feel inspired and connected within our vibrant movement.

As a WEA member you can ...

  • Show your support for a movement that has championed the importance of high quality adult education for over 100 years.
  • Have your say in how the WEA is run and what we offer. Your views will shape the WEA and the future of adult education in the UK - through actively participating in your community and beyond.
  • Get involved. As a member, you’ll be connected to your local branch or group where you can volunteer and attend local events, if you wish. Find new friends and bring along old ones!

You can also download our membership leaflet here.

Become a WEA member

If you are committed to supporting our mission of transforming lives, communities and your society through adult education, join our membership today.

For your £15 annual membership fee* you will receive:

  • An automated email with your log in details to access the WEA's exclusive members' website at wea.org.uk/members-home - here you will find information about the WEA and benefits such as:
    • Your online WEA membership card
    • Free access to a member lecture series
    • Exciting incentives at local and national retailers including Waterstones Bookshops - each time you use our special links and make a purchase, the retailer will make a donation to the WEA
  • Early enrolment for classes once per year allowing access to classes before they are publicly advertised (England only)
  • Our Highway magazine twice a year, plus access to back issues

Members are also welcome for free at some local meetings and events – including our members’ annual conference.

The application process is very simple. Click on the “apply online” button below, complete and submit the form, selecting your payment method. If you decide to set up a direct debit, which reduces our administration costs, you can download the direct debit mandate form from the link below and post it to us, or simply get in touch with our membership team via membership@wea.org.uk.

When completing the Direct Debit Mandate please ensure you tick your preferred payment date and payment amount choice. Please note the instructions on the mandate for returning it to us.

* Are you under 25 or a current WEA volunteer? Do you receive means-tested benefit? Then you get free membership with the WEA. Apply online and select the free membership, if applicable.

Retailer and offers are always subject to change, so keep revisiting your exclusive members website at https://www.wea.org.uk/members-home for the latest incentives.